Nail Salon Chemical Fumes Air Purifier Equipment

NO More Harmful Chemical Fumes and Odors
from Nail Products

Air Oasis Nail Salon Air Purifier Products for Chemical Fumes and Chemicals In Nail Polish and Polish Remover ImageSome of the most toxic indoor air is found in nail salons. There are a number of noxious fumes in the polish, remover, varnish and adhesives commonly used at nail salons. Chemicals that are used in nail care products include, but are not limited to, toluene and formaldehyde, which the federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration classifies as carcinogens (cancer-causing).

The solvents emit strong doses of chemicals, known as VOC's (volatile organic compounds), that are dangerous to the health of nail professionals, other salon employees, salon clients, local residents and area workers who are subject to a host of chemicals from nail care products at salons.

Protect the Health of Your Clients and Staff

The Air Oasis Extreme Nail Salon System destroys odors and airborne chemical fumes and VOC's, such as solvents, oils, etc., utilizing a high-performance Nano Nickel HCT five-metal catalyst, nano technology and photocatalytic oxidation (AHPCO) technology that drastically reduces airborne odors, mildew, mold, viruses and bacteria.

In a recent study performed by West Texas A&M University,
the Air Oasis Air Purifier reduced formaldehyde by 60% in 4 hours.

Benefits of the Air Oasis G3 3000 Xtreme Air Purifier

  • Starts working the minute you turn it on.
  • Quickly reduces contaminants allergens (pollen, mold, bacteria, viruses, VOCs and more).
  • Only technology that also sanitizes surfaces.
  • Can be easily moved to spot treat other areas.
  • Very low maintenance (replace AHPCO cell every 2 years).
  • Energy efficient using only 15 watts.
  • Light weight. The Xtreme weighs 5 pounds and the 5000 weighs 9 pounds.

Let clean, fresh, healthy air greet your customers when they enter your business.

Need help selecting the right air purifier for your salon? Call us toll free at 866-875-4386

Air Oasis Air Purifier Models Recommended for Nail Salons

Air Oasis G3 3000 Xtreme Air Purifier for Nail Stations imageAir Oasis G3 3000 Xtreme Nail Salon Air Purifier

For Tough Pollution Problems, Especially Chemical Fumes from Nail Salon Products
The Air Oasis G3 Xtreme is designed for small commercial and heavy contaminant situations. The Air Oasis G3 3000 Xtreme is twice the strength of the Air Oasis G3 3000, enabling you to have a much higher level of effectiveness in areas of higher contamination. It's capable of not only sanitizing your air, but also killing surface mold, bacteria, viruses etc. Air Oasis G3 3000 Xtreme photocatalytic oxidation air purifier requires no annual maintenance (only replace the AHPCO Cell once every 2 years. A switch provides on / off settings. 

NOTE: When used in nail salons, one Air Oasis 3000 Xtreme unit will handle 1 nail station in a space up to 1000 sq. ft. If you have more nail stations, or your stations do a lot of acrylic nails, you will need to order more units or upgrade to the Air Oasis Commercial 5000.

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Air Oasis Commercial 5000Air Oasis Commercial 5000

Portable Air Cleaner for Tough Commercial and Industrial Air Cleaning
The Air Oasis 5000 air purifier is a commercial unit, but still available tothe public. This unit contains two 9 inch AHPCO Cells and two fans. High speed engages both fans, while low engages only one fan.

The Air Oasis 5000 has the strength of two Air Oasis ACT 9" Induct units, but is in a portable case. It's ideal for commercial applications, such as nail salons, bars, restaurants, contractors such as painters to remove paint and chemical smells at a job site, hotel rooms to remove smoke and other odors between guests etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This unit is only recommended for salons with many nail stations or with high acrylic nail traffic. It should be hung from the ceiling or mounted high on a wall. During peak times it can be operated on high, if needed. If you are unsure of how many you need, call us toll free at 866-875-4386.

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