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Needlepoint and Plate Ionization

Plate Ionizers

Also known as Electrostatic Precipitators, these have been used by emissions of particulates. They operate by electrically charging a field between conductive plates. Incoming particles are given a charge opposite of the charge on the collector plates where they accumulate.

Pros: They are effective in removing smoke from the air that passes through the filter. They do not reduce airflow as most other filters do. They can be installed in central units or in each room.

Cons: They require frequent cleaning. They only remove particulates from the air that are within the reach of the ions. The particulate build-up can act as a breeding ground for bacteria.

Needlepoint Ionizers

When high voltage is applied to a conductive surface that is not grounded, electrons will build up until they find a place to "jump off."  A sharply pointed surface, such as a needlepoint, allows the negative ions to easily escape and ionize the air surrounding the point.  Negative ions travel through the air until they attract airborne particulates that agglomerate until they are too heavy and settle to the floor

Pros: They are effective at removing smoke from the air.  They do not reduce airflow.

Cons: Needlepoint ionization emits ions in a very focused stream, causing the particulate in the immediate air to become negatively charged, while walls and surfaces remain positively charged.  These negatively charged particles will then become attracted to the nearby wall and stick to it, causing a phenomenon known as "black wall" (unless a metallic conductive plate is used).

Units that use only negative ions as an air cleaning method are limited in their effectiveness. Negative ions, while beneficial, are not as powerful as other ions, such as hydroxyl ions and hydro peroxide ions, that can destroy viruses, bacteria and germs and chemicals, nor are they as effective at eliminate odors, unless there is an element of ozone created as a by-product of the ionization creation.

We carry two brands that produce negative ions. Surround used Needlepoint Ionization and Air Oasis uses the more advanced photocatalytic oxidation technology:

Surround Air Multi-Tech Ionizers

Surround Multi-Tech Air IonizersNegative ions clean the air by magnetically attracting to pollutants until these newly-formed larger particles become too heavy to remain in the air you breathe and they fall to the ground. Surround Air Ionizers continually produce negative ions, without creating the "black-wall" effect of older ionization technologies, so even if one of these fallen particles is kicked up into the air, it is quickly removed again. The most important thing, though, is that they are taken out of the air, preventing you from inhaling them into your lungs, which is how they cause problems.

Since certain technologies are much better than others at removing different types of air pollutants, all Surround Ionizers are multi-technology. All models include ionization, a prefilter, a HEPA and Carbon Filter and UV lamp, plus some models include a TiO2 filter or an optional ozone sanitizer. And, the Intelli-Pro includes electronic sensors. With Surround, you get the best of the most advanced air purification technologies on the market, all rolled into one air purifier. The best part is that Surround Multi-tech ionizers and replacement filters are affordable for every budget. more info

Air Oasis Breakthrough G3 UV Air Purification Technology!Air Oasis G3 Air Purifier group image

No air purifier on the market can compete in effectiveness, energy efficiency, adaptability and quiet operation, when compared to the Air Oasis G3 patent-pending Nano Nickel HCT photocatalytic oxidation technology. Other oxidation brands use only titanium dioxide (TiO2) as a catalyst, the cheapest, most available catalyst metal on the market, whereas Air Oasis contains five rare catalyst metals and nano size metals to increase the kinetic rate of reaction.

Unlike HEPA filters that only remove some particulate and carbon filters that only remove chemicals, VOCs and odors, Air Oasis technology is proven effective against MRSA, bacteria, molds, VOCs, chemicals, gases, odors, pollen, dander and more. Extensive testing conducted by West Texas A&M University at BSA Hospital confirm that Air Oasis not only purifies your air, but sanitizes surfaces, too. Additionally, Air Oasis Air Purifers are made in the USA, using brushed aluminum casings and UV lamps that utilize a proprietary long life coating, allowing them to outlast any UV lamp on the market. Read More about Air Oasis G3 Air Purifiers

Find the Right Air Purifier for
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It's no mystery that the air inside our homes, offices and nearly every building we enter is contaminated with toxic air pollution problems. But wading through the plethora of air purification technologies and models to make our living and working space free of pollution can be a daunting task, especially with the misinformation presented by so many salespeople and web sites. There are many different air purification technologies and air filters on the market, but no one air purifier technology can solve every air pollution problem, which is why we carry different brands. For help determining which air purifier is right for you, click on one of the below links or call us toll free at 866-875-4386 (US and Canada).

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