True Blue Coral Calcium - We have discontinued this product because the product is harvested after the Okinawa Japan RADIATION LEAK

True Blue Coral Calcium from Okinawa Japan is harvested above-sea. It contains 600 mg of pure uncut coral calcium per capsule. There are 120 capsules in a bottle, giving you a total of 72,000 mg of coral calcium per bottle! Most companies offer 500 mg capsules and 90 per bottle for a total of 45,000 mg per bottle. You get 60% more product with True Blue Okinawa Coral Calcium. Also, note that they advertise "1500 mg of Coral" and in the fine print it says "per 3 caps". Shop and compare - there is no better value anywhere!

Which Is Best: Capsules or Powder?

Coral Powder is most economical at approximately $7.54 per month (based on 1 gram per day) compared to $13.97 (for 2 caps daily). For most people Coral Powder is all they need.

The Coral capsules contain vitamin D, malic acid (from apples), and Betaine to aid digestion and assimilation for those who may have a compromised digestive system or lacking in vitamin D from natural sunshine. The caps are a little handier too.

NOTE: Coral is most effective if taken morning and evening, with or without food, because your calcium runs low by evening and your body will rob it from your bones if it is not present in your bloodstream.

True Blue Coral Calcium Capsules

True Blue Coral Calcium Ingredients

Okinawa True Blue Coral Calcium capsulesEach True Blue Coral Calcium Capsule Contains:

230 mg Calcium from Coral>
370 mg 73 minerals from Coral
56 mg Magnesium from Coral and Chelated Binerals
400 IU Vitamin D3
5 mg Betaine HCL
5 mg Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid)

600 mg of True Blue Coral Calcium contains 230 mg of  Elemental Calcium.

NOTE: Some web sites do not post how much actual calcium is in their coral calcium - this is important for dosing. For example, most authorities recommend a daily intake of 1000 - 1200 mg of calcium per day for adults. If you take 3 caps, you will get 690 mg and the rest can be made up in your diet. If your diet is low in calcium, you may want to increase your coral calcium dose accordingly. By comparison, the Marine or Ocean variety of Coral promoted by others usually comes in a 500 mg cap and is 24% elemental calcium for a total of 120 mg per cap, so you would need to take approximately twice as many of their caps!)

True Blue Supplement Daily Dose:

Adult use is 2 to 3 capsules per day with water or as directed by your Health Care Professional. True Blue can be taken on a full or empty stomach. For maximum effectiveness split your dose into morning and evening doses.

True Blue Coral Calcium Powder

147 Grams Per Bottle. 75 to 150 Day Supply

Okinawa True Blue Coral Calcium powderCoral Powder only Costs $7.54 per Month taking 1 gram daily or $15.08 per Month at 2 grams daily.

True Blue Coral Calcium Powder Ingredients:

Just Pure Okinawan Coral Powder Micronized to 2 MicronsNaturally filled with ionized Calcium and 73 minerals No added vitamins or minerals, just pure coral

Each gram of powder contains 375mg of pure calcium

Suggested Dose for True Blue Coral Calcium Powder

Mix 1 or 2 one-gram scoops of the flavorless powder with your favorite drink. One gram plastic scoop is included (approximately 4 grams in a teaspoon).

Certificate of Analysis of TrueBlue Coral Calcium

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