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The makers of Etherium Gold believe the discovery of monatomic gold and the platinum group metals by David Hudson are rediscoveries of an advanced science understood by ancient Mesopotamian, Egyptian and Israelite priests. Some physicists refer to it as "exotic matter"; monatomic gold has both superconductive and anti-gravitational properties.

A combination of myth, historical records and recently discovered ancient documents record the existence of a white substance that was called mfkzt by the Egyptians, shem-an-na by the Mesopotamians and is the mystical power within the Arch of the Covenant in biblical presentment.

The entire subject matter is vast, and beyond the scope of this article. Below are several pertinent links that will vastly enhance your understanding of this miraculous substance.

  • For a historical perspective and glimpses into the future potential monatomic elements offers humanity, read the work of Sir Laurence Gardner.

  • Respected historian, lecturer, and author Sir Laurence Gardner has written about the white gold. His latest book, Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark, gives a fascinating and convincing theory as to the history and use of white gold / monoatomic gold.

The question that is often asked is: What is the difference between White Powder of Gold, Monatomic Gold and the product we market called Etherium Gold. It is the intent of this article, as written by the makers of Etherium Gold, to describe each, give a comparison and let you decide which product is best suited for you.

The most frequently asked question; "Is Etherium Gold, monatomic gold?" No, Etherium Gold is a naturally occurring mineral deposit from an ancient sea-bed. Geologists believe that its unusual electromagnetic properties are the result of a meteorite impact 11,000 - 12,000 years ago. Etherium Gold has naturally occurring monatomic elements as proven through laser spectrophotometric neutron activation.

Monatomic Elements of Etherium Gold

Element Value   Element Value
Gold 94 ppm   Silver 178 ppm
Iridium 24 ppm   Rhodium 15 ppm
Chromium 225 ppm   Platinum 78 ppm

Note: Other products claim higher amounts of monatomic elements than Etherium Gold. But all of them were measured under a completely different scientific protocol and therefore difficult, if not impossible to draw true comparison. Furthermore, all of their published results were calculated through in-house analysis. We believe quantitative analysis for any product should be done independently for credibility. The above results were obtained by independent laboratory analysis at MIT, subcontracted through BioPhase Laboratories in New Jersey.

Monatomic gold or any of the other platinum group elements in monatomic form could theoretically be 100% pure. They would be extracted from either mineral deposits from volcanic origin or sea water. Monatomic gold can also be processed from metallic gold. To the best of our knowledge, no person or company has successfully produced a pure monatomic product with the potency, or experiential potential, claimed by Hudson, or elaborated on by Laurence Gardner that is commercially available.

The best analogy as to the difference between Etherium Gold and monatomic gold is the difference between a natural herb and patent medicine. Patent medicine evolved because natural ingredients are not patentable, but developing an extraction methodology for separating the suspected active ingredient of a plant is patentable. This is the genesis of the pharmaceutical industry as we know it today.

Monatomic elements are the patented substances that naturally occur in Etherium Gold. But they are two entirely different products for two entirely different people. Some people prefer the natural modalities and choose White Willow bark for their headache. Others prefer the drug and choose aspirin. The choice is yours.

The second most frequently asked question is: "Is Etherium Gold, White Gold"? Well the answer to that is: "We haven't the faintest idea."

"White Powder of Gold," to the best of our knowledge, is a term coined by David Hudson that was a summarization of the different names given to a miraculous white substance that was pursued by ancient civilizations.

No one on the manufacturers staff has a recollection of a life time 5,000 - 6,000 years ago where they had first hand experience of consuming white powder of gold. Therefore, it is impossible for us to make any comparison. We simply are not in a position to make such an assertion. Products on the Internet that are called White Gold or White Powder of Gold are managed by folks either much more aware of their past lives than we are or simply more speculative by nature.

There is one more very important consideration in choosing what type of monatomic product is best for you. While there is much anecdotal testimony for all these products, Etherium Gold is the only one that has clinical studies proving positive enhancement of mental and emotional states of being.

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