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Miessence Certified Organic Skin Care

Miessence Certified Organic Skincare Products
for Rosacea, Inflamed and Sensitive Skin

Cleansers, Exfoliants, Masks, Conditioners, Treatments, Moisturizers,
Serums and Skincare Sets for Women, Men and Children with Problem Skin

Miessence Soothing Skin Care products are ideal for people with sensitive skin who may have surface capillaries, flaky patches, allergic reactions or appear blotchy, feel irritated, itchy and hot or get flushed and red easily or for those who have rosacea.

Miessence Organics skincare products are energized with the vitality of clean (pesticide-free) and potent ingredients, using only certified organic cold-pressed and unrefined oils and therapeutic grade herb and flower extracts freshly pressed from certified organic fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs and flowers, retaining all the vitamins, minerals and other bioactive nutrients. Miessence all natural skincare sets contain absolutely NO synthetic detergents, artificial preservatives, colors or fragrances, petroleum by-products, tar derivatives or genetically modified ingredients. Nor are any ingredients tested on animals.

Here's a brief overview of the Miessence Organics Soothing Skin Care products and when you would use each item. For more detailed information about a product, click the link.

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Miessence Skincare Products for Inflammed, Sensitive and Rosacea Skin
Step 1 - Cleanse

Cleansing removes the top layer of dead cells, oil, perspiration and pollution. If your skin is not cleansed properly, it becomes dull and flaky and the oil glands lock up with dirt and cellular waste, causing breakouts and congestion.

Miessence Certified Organic Soothing Cleanser is a very gentle, yet effective cleanser for sensitive skin with relaxing organic bergamot and chamomile to immediately calm and sooth sensitive, taut skin. more info

Miessence All Natural Garnet Exfoliant removes the build up of dead skin cells that cause a rough and dull appearance. Exfoliating the top layers of dehydrated cells promotes a youthful glowing skin. Use two to three times a week. more info

Miessence All Natural Soothing Mineral Clay Masks is specifically formulated with iron oxide rich red clay and soothing organic chamomile, st john's wort and lavender to calm and tone sensitive skin. Renews the skin's surface, promoting a smooth, clear texture. Use once or twice a week. more info

Miessence Certified Organic Probiotic Skin Brightener is an extremely mild, lactic liquid known to restore and protect the skin's acid mantle, lighten and brighten the complexion, improve photodamaged skin, exfoliate dead skin cells for a smoother, less-wrinkled appearance, help break down impurities, while bringing moisture, clarity and vitality to the skin. Use before Conditioner. Use once or twice a day, before the next step, Condition. more info

Step 2 - Condition

Conditioning feeds the skin with nutrients in the water-soluble botanicals, organic herbs, vitamins and essential oils and provides a hydration base for the moisturizer to lock in.

Miessence Certified Organic Soothing Skin Conditioner is a gentle infusion for sensitive skin with organic nettle and horsechestnut and essential oils like carrot and chamomile that are known to help calm and sooth skin chapped by the elements. Helps skin feel soothed and softened. more info

Miessence Certified Organic Soothing Couperose (Rosacea) Gel is ideal for people with sensitive skin who may have broken surface capillaries, redness, flaky patches, allergic reactions or appear blotchy, feel irritated, itchy and hot or get flushed and red easily. It is a certified organic strengthening treatment for sensitive skin with ultra-soothing organic plant extracts. Miessence Soothing treatment gel contains fortifying and toning horse chestnut, soothing st john's wort, calming chamomile and astringent and toning witch hazel to help reduce a red blotchy appearance often associated with rosacea. more info

Miessence Certified Organic Ambrosia Essence Serum is an extremely potent combination of eight certified organic and highly effective herbal and flower extracts to sooth, tone and renew the skin. Use after the treatment gel. more info

Step 3 - Moisturize

This step creates a protective barrier against free radicals and moisture loss, which is one of the main causes of wrinkles. After moisturizing, you can add a serum that locks in hydration and intensively moisturizes the skin, like one or more of the following:

Miessence Certified Organic Soothing Moisturizer is a light lotion with organic extracts known to help inflamed complexions. Plant phospholipids hydrate the skin without clogging the pores or over-moisturizing. Contains Soothing and toning organic Echinacea, plantain, calendula, witch hazel, tea tree and lemon myrtle. Use after conditioner, treatment gel and Ambrosia serum. more info

Miessence Certified Organic Firming Eye and Neck Cream treats the eye and neck area for crow's feet, crepey and sagging skin in the eye and neck area. Use after moisturizer. more info

Miessence Certified Organic Rose Monsoon Hydrating Mist is great to rehydrate and invigorate your skin, especially in air-conditioned environments, such as offices and aircraft. Use whenever needed. more info

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Miessence Soothing Skin Care Kits

Miessence Soothing 3-Piece Travel Skincare SetMiessence Soothing 3-Piece Travel Skincare Set

The Miessence Certified Organic Soothing travel sizes are roughly one-third the size of the full size bottles, about a one month supply. The travel set includes a 1 oz. cleanser, .5 oz conditioner and .33 oz. moisturizer.


Miessence Soothing 3-Piece Starter Skincare Set Miessence Soothing 3-Piece Starter Skincare Set

The Miessence Soothing Skin Care Starter Set includes full sizes of the cleanser (8.5 oz.), conditioner (3.3 oz.) and moisturizer (1.7 oz.).



Miessence Soothing 5-Piece Basic Skincare SetMiessence Soothing 5-Piece Basic Skincare Set

The 5-piece Miessence Soothing Skin Care Deluxe Set includes Certified Organic Cleanser, Certified Organic Conditioner, Certified Organic Moisturizer, Garnet Exfoliant and Certified Organic Firming Eye.



Miessence Soothing 7-Piece Deluxe Skincare SetMiessence Soothing 7-Piece Deluxe Skincare Set

The 7-piece Miessence Soothing Skin Care Deluxe Set includes Certified Organic Cleanser, Certified Organic Conditioner, Certified Organic Moisturizer, Garnet Exfoliant, Mineral Clay Mask, Certified Organic Firming Eye and Neck Cream and Certified Organic Lip Balm.


What's So Special About Miessence Products?

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