Surround Air Multi-Tech
S5000 TiO2 Advanced Air Ionizer

Out of Stock for Several Months.

The Most Complete Multi-Technology Air Ionizer on the Market
with 6 Leading Technologies to Cover Virtually Every Pollutant, Plus
Air Pollution Sensors, a Super Powerful 212 CFM Fan and Remote Control

Surround Multi-Tech 5000 Air Ionizer with Advanced Sensor Technology and Remote Control imageCertain technologies are much better than others at removing different pollutants. With the Surround Multi-Tech S5000, you get the best of the most advanced air purification technologies on the market, all rolled into one air purifier.

The Multi-Tech S5000 Ti02 Air Purifier is Surround Air's most effective air purifier. Super-Powerful Fan (212 cfm) to maximize air exchanges and to increase air-filtering capacity up to 650 sq. ft.

Advanced Sensor Technology

  • Air Pollution Sensor. Detects the level of airborne pollutants, such as dust, allergens, odors and chemicals. The Air Pollution Indicator on the control panel shows the level of contaminates in the air.
  • Select "Automatic" mode to maximize performance and energy savings. When set to Automatic mode, the fan speed adjusts automatically according to the level of pollutants detected in the air by the air pollution sensor.

Looking for a smaller or larger Ti02 Multi-tech air purifier or to cover a smaller or greater square footage? See the top menu, Model Options for a list of Models by square footage covered.

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