XJ 3000C Multi-Tech Air Purifier Test Results

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S, or Deadly "Sewer Gas") Reduced by 93%

Chamber Without Multi-Tech Air Purifier Chamber With Multi-Tech Air Purifier

Chamber without Multi-Tech Air Purifier
ppmv: parts per million by volume concentration
** Measurements taken throughout the entire chamber.

Time ppmv
12:45 0.0
13:00 5.8
13:15 5.8
13:30 5.8
13:45 5.8
14:00 5.8
14:15 5.8
14:30 5.8
14:45 5.8
15:00 5.8

Chamber with Multi-Tech Air Purifier
ppmv: parts per million by volume concentration
** Measurements taken throughout the entire chamber, and not just at the point where the air enters the air purifier.

Time ppmv
12:45 0.00
13:00 4.00
13:15 3.50
13:30 2.10
13:45 2.00
14:00 1.43
14:15 1.00
14:30 0.80
14:45 0.56
15:00 0.41

Hydrogen Sulfide Test Details

Result: 93% of Hydrogen Sulfide Removed
Chamber Size:
128 cubic feet (4' x 4' x 8')
Temperature: 75-80oF
Humidity: 50-60%

Performed by independent testing lab.

Test Description:

Hydrogen Sulfide was pumped into the air-tight chamber in equal concentrations in both tests (Test A without the Multi-Tech air purifier, and Test B with the Multi-Tech in operation in the chamber). In Test A, a 5.8 ppmv concentration was maintained for over 2 hours. With the same amount of H2S pumped into the chamber in Test B (with the Multi-Tech air purifier in operation) the concentration was brought down to 0.41 ppmv over the same period of time, a 93% reduction. Unlike most air purifier reduction rates, the measurements in this test were taken throughout the chamber, outside the Multi-Tech air purifier, making these results even more impressive. In other words, these test results are an indication of how effectively the Multi-Tech will remove noxious chemicals throughout the room, and not just from the air that passes through the unit.

About Hydrogen Sulfide:

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), a strong gas created by stagnant sewage, is one of the very worst, and most difficult-to-remove pollutants known to man. An air purifier's ability to remove H2S is a good indication of its ability to remove strong odors and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs).

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