Airfree Air Sterilizers Reviews

Airfree P1000 and P2000 Customer Testimonials

The following Airfree Air Sterilizers reviews are for the P1000 and P2000 models:

I got two units platinum 2000s. Let me tell you, if you are looking for a REAL "air sanitizer" You do not have to look anywhere else. AIRFREE is here to help all those people looking for a better indoor air, and the best way to get this priceless pure air is getting an "AIRFREE" unit. I strongly recommend them. Remember the MOST IMPORTANT thing that we have is our health, so take care of it! Thank you again AIRFREE, for your help keeping our indoor air pure.

Jose Vegar, Queens, New York

Our daughter has asthma, caused by a dust mite allergy. From the age of 1 year she has been treating her asthma with a cortisone inhaler and antihistamines. At one point, we had to spend a few weeks in a clinic for respiratory treatment, but still she had a lot of problems, like waking up early in the morning because she had to cough or she couldn't breath properly etc. She often had bronchitis, therefore couldn't go to school, doctor visits kept us very busy and she had to go through all kind of tests. Just over half a year ago we got an Airfree Platinum 2000 for her room and since then she has not been to the doctor any more, hardly needs any medication and hasn't missed school any more. Not to mention how much better she is feeling. And that because of just one air purifier. We bought more in the mean time, because it is a good feeling to know that with this we can also prevent other family members from developing respiratory problems. The Airfree is definitely the most valuable contributor to health improvement that we ever bought. Thanks

M. and G. Rankin, San Diego, California

I purchased an Air Free because the mold counts are always high in my city and I am sensitive to them. I take a number of prescription and (former prescription - now generic) medications on a daily basis year-round. Using Air Free has produced a major reduction in my symptoms. There is a major improvement in my comfort and I am very, very happy with the Air Free and the relief it provides.

RN- Linden, NJ

Second message 1 month later: I just purchased 3 more of your airfare products. Last month I bought one unit to see how it worked. My allergies are a lot better since I purchased your unit. I have no more itchy, burning watery eyes, and no more runny nose. I just wish I could take it outside with me when I go out. Your unit is the only unit that has made my allergies symptoms a lot better, after trying so many other products that never helped. Thank you so much for a wonderful product.

I love my Airfrees. I have one in each bedroom and one in the kitchen and hope to get at least one or two more for the living room and basement area. We cleaned our kitchen ourselves with the help of Airfree and the post test came back with no fungi detected. Even remediators tell you if they remediate the spore count will go down but the post test will more than likely still show some spores as it can't be eliminated completely. I guess they haven't heard about Airfree. It certainly lives up to its reputation and there definitely are no mold spores in this kitchen. I even did a couple of swab tests on my own to double check and they also came back completely clean.

In addition, my husband used to snore terribly at night and since Airfree has been in the bedroom I noticed I am sleeping better as his snoring has gotten less and less and now has actually stopped. Whatever was causing the stuffy nose which led to the snoring has been eliminated. I presume whatever allergen was causing this was wiped out by Airfree. Everyone should have at least one in their home. Thank you Airfree.

S. U. from MA, USA

Absolutely amazing. I moved in with my girlfriend who has a cat. I am strongly allergic and was taking allergy medicine daily just so I could spend time with her. I now have 2 units for over 2 months, and my problems are gone! A P2000 in the living room and a P1000 in the bedroom have solved everything. No more allergy medication, no more suffering, and I can even play with the fuzz ball a little bit. Thanks Airfree!

M. Sachs, PA

It is my pleasure that you add my testimony to your web site. As a doctor I' ve seen many patients suffering from asthma and respiratory allergy. It's frustrating what we doctors can do because the majority of medicines, inhalators and a vaccine that is being developed are doing very little effect in terms of relieving the symptoms. The vaccine which I tried myself is far to be efficient

It is comforting to know that me as a patient of severe allergy to the dust ,as well as other patients we can now simply breath a clean air that increases our energy, our good humor and ability to work. Airfree is great technology and I know more cases of people which asthma had decrease just because cleaning their rooms with Airfree. As a doctor I strongly recommend the use of Airfree to all patients suffering from respiratory allergy or asthma.

Carlos Corte Real, MD, Holanda

My asthma has affected my quality of life considerably in the last few years: every few days my chest would be "on fire", my throat sore and raw, my mouth dry... Having given up my inhaler, I've tried Chinese medicine, therapeutic massage, attempted Buteyko breathing, modified my diet, etc. Then I was given an Airfree - surely such a small gadget would have little impact I thought. A week of running it in my bedroom, I began to feel better and wake up with a clearer chest and no sore throat! It's now been a month and I have not an asthma attack at all. What can I say except that it works - buy it, buy one for every room!

Mrs Alice Ellis-Smith - Doctor, Holanda

Dr. Diana Samways MD is a Physician specialising in Nutrition, Allergy, and Environmental Medicine in Haslemere, Surrey, England.

"As a Physician specialising in allergy and environmental medicine, I am very impressed with the Airfree Air Steriliser for the purpose of removing molds and their spores from the air we breathe. These sterilisers work by using localised heat to sterilise the indoor air and encourage the circulation of cleaned air throughout the room. It does not require filters. This last point is important as all air filtration systems eventually block up with dust and mold, and this has the long-term effect of redistributing the molds throughout the room and is counterproductive. As a sufferer from an allergy to mold, I am very impressed with this machine as a way of keeping the air free of allergens. As a result of using an Airfree Steriliser in my bedroom for the last three months, I no longer wake up with depression and cold shakes from the mold spores that one would otherwise breath during the night. This is a vast improvement. (I understand that it takes about 6 weeks for the Airfree to have its full effect, presumably because it has to sterilise the air in the room over a period of time. In this connection one should not move it from room to room, it is better left static in one place where it will work its magic.)

"I also installed an Airfree in my kitchen, which I consider to be a natural mold trap because of the steam from cooking and various vegetable items which are kept in the environment. I have noticed that since the Airfree was installed, my basil plants now survive instead of dying instantly, and that they are not afflicted with mold, either on the earth or on their leaves. They even survive having bits taken off in the usual way and are thriving. Also my onions dont go moldy.

"Overall I feel the Airfree has contributed greatly to the reduction in the mold count in parts of my house (in which there was previously a problem due to the damp British climate.) It has also contributed to an increase in my mental and physical energy and stamina. I can wholeheartedly recommend this machine for anybody with a serious allergy to mold and other airborne allergens. Also I recommend it to my patients with this problem."

Kevin Kelly, USA

Kevin Kelly, the owner of Houmas House (Louisiana) a mansion worth visiting, kindly provided below testimony to encourage other pet owners to benefit from the marvelous action of Airfree.

"I purchased 8 Airfree units and placed them in Big House of Houmas House Plantation and Gardens. They were placed in each of the 4 main rooms on the first floor and one in each of the bedrooms on the second floor of the Mansion.

"I placed them there, because my dogs Princess Grace and King Sam were having odors because of swimming in the ponds. When you walked in the Mansion, you could smell dog hair odor. After placing the Airfree in the rooms, the odors disappeared. We actually have guests who come to Houmas House and say that they are surprised that an old house like this has no odor. Some have actually said that they find it hard to believe that dogs live in the house, because of the lack of odors. I suggest that they buy the Airfree.

"The Houmas House Mansion was built in 1805, is known as the Sugar Palace, and is the Crown Jewel of the Great River Road, Our collection of antiques and artwork is valued in excess of $6,000,000 and is protected from mold damage and odors by the Airfree. It is hard to believe that a small silent machine can make such a difference in living in an historic residence."

E.A.G, Medical Doctor, USA

"It is my 90 year old husband who has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease for whom I bought the Airfree. He thinks it has been most helpful to him and would not be without it! Aside from being most effective, it is also virtually maintenance-free. I certainly can recommend it highly."

L. G., England

". . . as a long standing allergy sufferer from Dust Mites, Hay fever and many other things, I think the product is fantastic. I have it plugged in my bedroom and whenever I am suffering I can go in that room and within about 20 minutes I am 100% better, even with the window open, where in the past I had to close the house up and lie in dark room for hours to feel better. I also suffer from a certain amount of mold during the damp winter months so I am now expecting great things of the product on that front too."

Jeff Bagnall, Hudson, NY

"After several years of worsening pain, I made the decision to have my hips replaced. This required two separate operations and two separate hospitalizations. My surgeon indicated the greatest danger was not the surgery, but the risk of infection while recuperating in the hospital. Accordingly, I discussed the use of an Airfree unit with him. The result was that on both occasions, I took an Airfree machine with me to the hospital and came through without so much as a hiccup. I am confident that the use of this machine in my hospital room contributed to my recovery."

J J, C.P.A.

"I live in a one-bedroom condo in an older building on Miami Beach, with my girlfriend. Since moving there we have always experienced a large amount of dust and other particles circulating around the condo. We currently have the Air Free in our living-room where our 10 Week old English Bulldog puppy hangs out in. Let me tell you the Air Free has made a huge difference. No smell and no more dust. The best part about the Air Free is that its completely silent. We are definitely interested in getting another one to put in our bedroom. Please forward me some more information as to how we can possibly get another one."

Dr. ORL, Assistente Hospitalar Graduado em Consultor de ORL
Director da Consulta Externa do Hospital Pedro Hispano
Secretrio-Geral da Sociedade Portuguesa de Otorrinolaringologia

"It is becoming more often each day, sick people with sinus problems with direct implications (in the acute phases) from the environment where they are inserted (either in domestic or professional environment). Therefore I recommend as important complementary treatment, the usage of equipments that helps to improve the air used by these patients. Among all available equipments I find that AIRFREE have an extraordinary importance in the improvement of the quality of life of our patients."

Dolores O., San Juan, Puerto Rico

"Now I know everything that affects my allergic condition is under control. At least in my bedroom where I spend most of my time."

Russ R., Costa Mesa, CA

"I am confident of the unit's effectiveness in my bedroom. It's a great system. The no need to change parts makes it more desirable than other air cleaning machines. I plan to purchase another in the near future."

Dr. C. Corte Real, MD, Holland

"As a doctor I' ve seen many patients suffering from asthma and respiratory allergy. It's frustrating what we doctors can't do because the majority of medicines, inhalators and a vaccine that is being developed are doing very little effect in terms of relieving the symptoms. The vaccine which I tried myself is far to be efficient.

"It is comforting to know that, as a patient with severe allergy to the dust, as well as other patients, we can now simply breath clean air that increases our energy, our good humor and ability to work. Airfree is great technology and I know more people whose asthma symptoms decreased just because of  cleaning their rooms with it. As a doctor I strongly recommend the use of Airfree to all patients suffering from respiratory allergy or asthma."

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