Making Difficult Decisions with Ease
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Have you ever struggled to make a decision? Do you sometimes base your decisions solely on what you think you will get as a result of a given choice? For instance, if you thought "If I take that job, I will have more money, and when I get more money then I can stop worrying about my bills," your decision would be based on being able to pay your bills, not on being excited about the job.

The problem with a "If I do this then I will have that, and when I get that, I will have or be. . ." approach is that if this doesn't turn out to give you that, which frequently happens, you end up in a state of worry, anxiety or fear.

Of course, when first making the decision you are filled with enthusiasm and expectation of a fabulous outcome. I call this stage the honeymoon period: the "in love" stage when everything is rosy and you couldn't see a blemish with a microscope. However, the decision was made because of an expectation to get something, so it is inevitable that you will start monitoring whether or not it has arrived.

If what is wanted comes quickly, the "in love" state continues to flourish. But when it doesn't. . .well, there's just too much negative chatter, doubt and lack found in that state.

There is another, far better place from which to make decisions: the heart. The heart's filter wants to know:

Do I feel inspired about this option?

Does it feel like the "right" thing to do?

Will I grow and expand from this experience?

Will everyone involved be uplifted by this choice?

Can I feel good about my choice regardless of the outcome?

Does it cause my heart to sing?

Instead of laboring over decisions, give yourself time to notice how you feel about each option under consideration, then pick the one that resonates the most with your heart. By doing so, you will naturally pursue the best option. After all, your inner knowing the heart center is the wisest one of all.

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