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To help you understand how the Aulterra EMF electromagnetic field neutralizer works, here are some common questions and answers:

Aulterra EMF Protection ProductsHow does this little sticker block the radiation from a cell phone?

It doesn't. This is a common misconception. The Aulterra Neutralizer disk neither blocks the radiation nor absorbs it -- it neutralizes it. Any device that blocked 100% of the electromagnetic field of a device, such as a cell phone, would severely affect its performance. If the aerial, where the strongest EMF is emitted was 100% blocked the phone wouldn't work. In terms of absorption, any device that genuinely absorbed electromagnetic radiation would become saturated and no longer be able to function. In the case of mobile phones, such a device would have to be changed frequently to be effective. Furthermore, any devices which would be genuinely capable of fully shielding or fully absorbing the electromagnetic field of a cell phone would be impracticably bulky.

When Kim Dandurand, Aulterra Neutralizer's inventor, created the Aulterra EMF Protection disks, the most significant criteria he recognized was that the product could never be practical if it relied on either blocking or absorbing radiation. Instead, it had to neutralize it.

So then how does the Aulterra disk work?

The Aulterra Neutralizer disk retunes the EMF frequencies of electronic devices, such as cell phones and computers, to assimilate natural frequencies so they no longer cause harm to the body's DNA. The secret of the Neutralizer lies in the homeopathically enhanced or crystalline matrix mixed into the ink of the Neutralizer patch. These finely ground minerals and trace elements are derived from a rock discovered in Utah by the Neutralizer's inventor, Kim Dandurand. He identified its amazing properties while engaged in a major environmental cleanup operation in 1996, in which it was deployed to neutralize the chemical radiation from landfill sites. About this time, he became concerned by the fact that his own children appeared to suffer from more frequently reoccurring minor illnesses, which he suspected might be linked to their increased use of mobile phones and computers. He decided to set about investigating whether the crystalline rock substance could be used to neutralize electronic equipment as well as landfill sites.

Kim Dandurand funded a research and development program at the Quantum Biology Research Laboratories in Northport, New York. Experiments proved that human DNA reacted adversely to incoherent man-made electromagnetic fields emanating from a cell phone while recovering from heat shock. Measurements were taken of the time it took for the DNA to recover from heat-shock exposure to the electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones. Tests on human DNA proved that with an Aulterra Neutralizer attached to a mobile phone, it neutralized the effect of the electromagnetic field on the human DNA when exposed and allowed 100% recovery from "heat shock". This discovery was extraordinarily significant. The natural coherent fields from the Aulterra rock crystals had successfully harmonized the incoherent electromagnetic pulses from the mobile phone and returned them to coherent and natural frequencies, which no longer caused adverse reaction to living tissue.

A co-researcher of Kim Dandurand, Dr. David Hamilton, comments, "The body is no stranger to electromagnetic fields, because the earth itself has one. Even the heart responds to it. When you have electromagnetic fields, which occur naturally, which are coherent, the radiation looks like a smooth black line in a wave pattern. But when the electromagnetic frequencies are man-made, they are fuzzy or incoherent. When the Neutralizer is applied to the phone it evens out the lines, turning it from incoherent into coherent."

Why is the Neutralizer designed as a sticker and not some stick-on plastic molding?

A lot of thought went into how the concept of a neutralizing device should be implemented. From a marketing point of view, it was tempting to take the obvious route of producing a stick-on plastic molding for consumer value perception. However, early experiments with prototypes showed that such designs did not last long on mobile phones that have quite a rough life, particularly in the hands of children. As this group represents the highest potential concern, since their thinner skulls allow them to absorb more electromagnetic radiation than adults (up to 50% of the brain), it was particularly important to produce a product that was durable and practical for them.

Of all the designs tested, a flat sticker proved to be the most practical and effective. Because the crystalline rock particles are mixed in with the ink, the sticker combines a large surface area with the benefit of a minimum of interference in the handling and use of the phone.

Most significantly of all, the design allows you to attach the sticker inside the mobile phone by removing the battery and sticking it against the phone body. The significance of this is that you can then swap batteries and still remain protected.

How long will the Neutralizer last?

For the reasons already mentioned, because the Neutralizer does not attempt to block or absorb radiation and, therefore, does not become saturated, it will last indefinitely. Obviously, placing it inside the phone, where it will not get damaged, will prolong its life.

Does the Neutralizer work on other electronic equipment?

Yes, it does. It is very effective on computers and similar equipment. Simply place the sticker anywhere on the equipment, such as the front of your computer monitor. Several U.S. corporations are considering equipping their company cell phones and computer monitors with the Aulterra Neutralizer as a matter of standard practice. Over 350,000 EMF Neutralizers were purchased in the USA in October 2001.

Testing of the Aulterra Neutralizer

Conventional instruments cannot detect tachyons, because conventional instruments rely on the movement of electrons along wires. Tachyons are not electrons, so it is impossible to detect them in this way.

They can, however, be detected by biological systems by watching the biological systems move into a state of order Aulterra's independent testing studied the behavior of DNA in the presence of Aulterra. This is an excellent test, because a biological system will more accurately represent the effect of mobile phone radiation, than a direct measurement of the levels of EMFs emitted from the phone.

Aulterra Patent Number US 7,485,885 B2


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