The Aulterra Neutralizer Disk - State of the Art Technology
for Making Mobile Phones Safe

Dr David R. Hamilton

Scientific testing has shown that the Aulterra Neutralizer disk completely neutralizes the damaging effect of mobile phone radiation (also known as electomagnetic field radiation, or EMF) on human DNA by 100%.

The Aulterra Neutralizer does not block or absorb EMF radiation. It has a much more advanced and beautiful modus operandi than that, which enables it not to interfere with the performance of the phone. Instead, the Aulterra Neutralizer disk neutralizes harmful EMFs.

How the Aulterra Neutralizer Works

The Aulterra Neutralizer alters both the properties of the EMF wave from mobile phones and its impact on DNA. The Neutralizer emits a naturally occurring tachyon field from grounded and activated rock minerals and crystalline matrices.

Think of the mess a child makes when playing with toys, books, crayons etc. You could say that the mess was "disorder." Imagine, therefore, your cells (which contain DNA), after exposure to mobile phone EMFs also being messy, i.e., in a state of disorder. As you would expect, they wouldn't be too healthy. It's the same with an incoherent EMF wave from a mobile phone — it's messy, or fuzzy. These states of disorder are an example of positive entropy, according to science.

When you tidy the child's mess, you create order. When your cell (DNA) is tidied (made healthy), you create order. When an EMF wave is made coherent (tidied), the harmful EMF was are neutralized and order is created. These states follow the direction of negative entropy.

When a tachyon field is created, then things move towards negative entropy, i.e., order is created, mess is tidied, cells (DNA) get healthier, and EMF waves from mobile phones become coherent and harmless.


Tachyons are particles that travel faster than the speed of light and were predicted by Albert Einstein. Indeed, there is a model known as the Tiller-Einstein model, (named after Einstein and Professor William A. Tiller at Stanford University), which predicts their behavior. Tachyons cause a shift towards negative entropy (or negentropy, as it's sometimes called), which means that anything in the tachyon field moves into a state of order (or gets tidied up).

Until recent developments in Quantum Physics, these observations would have sounded impossible; however, it is now established science, as the following list shows.

Other Applications:

  • In India, the government is considering implementing a tachyon system to energize all the bottled drinking water distributed throughout the country.
  • In Germany, the government is evaluating an organic farming project that utilizes tachyonized materials to maintain the strength and balance of the individual plants.
  • In Japan, they use tachyon silica discs to combat the electromagnetic field problems of computer screens. In the US we can use the Aulterra Neutralizer disk on our monitors and laptops .
  • In the USA, medical doctors have been on TV reporting the effects of tachyon materials.
  • In Holland, a pharmaceutical company has received national approval to import tachyonized organ-specific products to be distributed to the medical profession.

The tachyon field is also referred to by a few other names, e.g. quantum field and zero point energy, or free energy.

Another way to look at this (less scientifically) is that the Aulterra Neutralizer disk produces a "subtle" energy field (or prana, as they call it in India) much the same as crystals do. Indeed, Aulterra is a homeopathically activated mixture of ground crystals. It is all the same type of energy.

Testing of the Aulterra Neutralizer

Conventional instruments cannot detect tachyons, because conventional instruments rely on the movement of electrons along wires. Tachyons are not electrons, so it is impossible to detect them in this way.

They can, however, be detected by biological systems by watching the biological systems move into a state of order Aulterra's independent testing studied the behavior of DNA in the presence of Aulterra. This is an excellent test, because a biological system will more accurately represent the effect of mobile phone radiation, than a direct measurement of the levels of EMFs emitted from the phone.


The Aulterra  Neutralizer disk has been shown to completely neutralize the damaging effect of mobile phone radiation on human DNA. This effect can easily be explained as the consequence of the Aulterra disk emitting a tachyon field.


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