11 Easy Steps To Reduce Your Impact On The Earth

Here are a few EASY things you can do to reduce your impact on the environment. Try one, two, or all. The idea is to start thinking about the way we consume and the environmental legacy that we are leaving for our children’s children. So, start small and when you get the hang of it, try another step. These are just a few ways that each of us truly can make a difference in our world.

  1. Recycle – everything you can. Utilize curbside services if you have them, or seek out the nearest recycling center. It’s worth every ounce of effort it takes.
  2. Buy Recycled. Complete the circle. Choose recycled copy paper, napkins and other paper products and even computer disks. There are many home dcor products made from recycled material that are both functional and beautiful.
  3. When possible, choose items in glass jars/containers. Glass is one of the few items that can be recycled over and over again.
  4. End the siege of junk mail in your mailbox. Go to www.newdream.org/junkmail/ to download a form that you simply fill out, sign and mail (addresses are provided). This will remove your name from the majority of mailing lists. You will be amazed at the amount of trash you won’t have. Call the companies that you do want catalogs or mailings from and tell them NOT to sell, trade or give away your name. Usually they comply.
  5. Walk or bike when possible. You’ve heard this time and time again and we’ll say it again. It’s better for the environment and for your health.
  6. Take advantage of automating your salary deposits. Just think of all the lunch hours you’ll have free! On the same note, utilize online services to pay bills such as utilities and car payments – even your mortgage. It will save you time, energy and postage. Plus, your payments won’t be late.
  7. Buy organic. Organic products are typically 30% more than conventional products and many products, such as bread, eggs, produce and even some dairy items, are right in line with their conventional counterparts. AND – scientific research proves that organic foods taste better and that they contain higher nutritional values.
  8. Support local farmers. You’ll get fresher, higher quality foods at fantastic prices. Check out www.csa.org and enter your state to find a participating farm in your city. For a set price, you’ll get a box delivered to your home every week during growing season. It’s a great way to support small, local farms, ensure fresh produce and reduce pollution by excessive transportation.
  9. Opt for organic gardening measures when it comes to fertilizing and pest control. Buy or make a compost bin and explore the amazing world of beneficial insects for pest control. It’s better for the environment, your health (no nasty chemicals) and its’ fun! Check out www.greenfire.com for a great choice of organic alternative gardening products.
  10. Properly dispose of hazardous material. Call your city hall and ask for the date of the next hazardous material drop off. They’re free and usually are sprinkled throughout the year in various areas of your community. You don’t even get out of your car. You simply bring them all of your left over paints, chemicals, oil, old smoke alarms (yes, they have radiation in them) and they will remove them from your car and ensure that they are disposed of properly. To make it even easier, coordinate with your neighbors and take turns collecting and dropping off the items.
  11. Here’s a bright idea (couldn’t resist that). As your existing light bulbs burn out, replace with compact fluorescent. They are highly energy efficient and last an average of 8000 hours. The amount of time, energy and resources they save is enormous.

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