Surround Multi-Tech XJ-3000C/E Air Ionizers

Silent Air Ionizer Technology Plus HEPA and Carbon Filter
and Ultraviolet Lamp for Air Pollutants!

Surround Multi-Tech XJ-3000C/E Air IonizersCertain technologies are much better than others at removing different pollutants. With the Surround Air XJ-3000C, you get the best of the most advanced air purification technologies on the market, all rolled into one air purifier:

  • ROOM IONIZER to remove allergens, dust, dander and other particulates from the air.
  • HEPA FILTER that traps 99.97% of particulate.
  • GERMICIDAL UV LIGHT that destroys micro-organisms like germs, viruses, bacteria and mold.
  • ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER that removes chemicals, gases, odors and cigarette smoke.
  • PROGRAMMABLE SANITIZER to remove strong odors when needed or turned off.

Plus the whisper quiet XJ-3000C Multi-Tech Air Purifier uses stainless steel ionizer pins, which are more durable than other ionizers. Besides durability, these ionizing pins produce a high negative ion output. The ionizer pins are located just inside the air outlet above the fan, for maximum circulation throughout the room.

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