Venmar EKO 1.5 Ultra Efficient Heat Recovery Ventilator
with HomeshieldTM Defrosting System

A New Generation of High Performance
Environmentally-Friendly Venmar Air Exchangers

Venmar EKO 1.5 High Performance Environmentally-Friends Heat Recovery Ventilator imageThe AVS HRV EKO 1.5 has been designed to be one of the most eco-friendly HRV air exchangers on the market. Its innovative design incorporates extremely high performance ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) motors that are equivalent in power to a compact fluorescent bulb (13.5 watts each), which enables EKO to significantly lower energy costs without affecting its performance. Additional energy efficiency is found through its advanced heat recovery core, which can retain up to 80% of homes heating. EKO surpasses energy-saving standards while providing effective heat recovery, ventilation and quiet operation. All aspects have been designed to facilitate balancing of air flow and simplify uses and installation.

  • Small-sized housing
  • High performance ECM motors
  • Faster and easier installation of insulated flexible ducts with practical straps (exclusive to Venmar)
  • Integrated balancing dampers (exclusive to Venmar)
  • Integrated electronic board on motors
  • Homeshield defrosting system
  • Heat recovery core with superior capacity
  • Optimized drainage system

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Homeshield Defrosting System

The AVS HRV EKO 1.5 uses a unique defrosting method. No negative pressure is created by air exhausted to the outside, as the air is recirculated into the house, thus avoiding any back draft from the chimney. Moreover, this defrost method by air circulation ensures that no shortage of air is created for the combustion units.

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