Venmar HEPA 4100 (Formerly HEPA 4000)
Energy Recovery and Humidity Control Ventilation Systems

HEPA-Based Air Exchanger Systems for Home Ventilation

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Little boy using an inhaler due to poor air qualityVenmar energy recovery ventilators breathe new life into your home or building and help reduce the risk of polluted air. Based on the principle of bad air in, good air out, these units revitalize your whole home, not just selected areas.

Mounting evidence has shown that dependence on the natural exchange of air between indoor and outdoor through air infiltration and exfiltration may not be satisfactory for good moisture control and indoor air quality. Plus traditional ventilation methods, like opening a window or use of a common fan, do not provide adequate ventilation. An Energy Recovery Ventilation system is the key to positive moisture control and heat recovery and will help ensure a healthy indoor environment for the occupants.

Mechanical ventilation systems are used to bring fresh air into and remove stale air from our homes. Two common types are exhaust-only systems and balanced systems. The exhaust-only system has a fan to provide exhaust air; the supply air is not fan powered. The balanced system uses a fan-powered exhaust airflow that is designed to equal the fan-powered supply airflow. The balanced systems may or may not have heat or energy recovery. Those with heat or energy recovery are commonly called Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) or Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV). An HRV transfers heat while an ERV usually transfers heat and moisture.

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Venmar Air Exchange Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilation
Provides Pure Air for Whole House or Building Ventilation Systems

An Energy Recovery Ventilation system uses fans to maintain a low-velocity flow of fresh outdoor air into the building (incoming air stream) while exhausting out an equal amount of stale indoor air (exhaust air stream). Fresh air is supplied to all levels of the building while stale air is removed from areas with high levels of pollutants and moisture.

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