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Venmar Constructo Quattro 2.0 ES Energy Recovery Ventilation imageContractors and builders need cost-effective, reliable and code-compliant mechanical ventilation systems for new home construction.  The Venmar AVS Constructo Series offers superior value at an entry-level price and represents over 15 years of continuous improvement to deliver contractors the durability and reliability they have come to expect from Venmar.

The ERV Constructo 2.0 ES offers superior heat recovery and moisture control at an affordable price, making it the ideal air exchanger for new larger homes* construction projects in all climate zones.

This remarkable ERV air exchanger not only improves indoor air quality by keeping homes supplied with fresh outdoor air, but it also recovers heat and moisture to control comfort levels and enhance energy efficiency in heated, humidified or air-conditioned homes.

Diagram Fresh Air In Stale Air OutThe Constructo series transfers energy and moisture from one airstream to another, which optimizes energy recovery and maintains proper humidity levels in all climates. The Constructo has the following features:

  • When it is Hot and Humid, the Constructo limits the amount of heat and moisture entering the home to optimize comfort, enhance energy efficiency and reduce strain on air conditioner.
  • When it is Hot and Dry, the Constructo recovers moisture to maintain proper humidity levels inside, keeps heat from entering the home and reduces strain on humidifiers.
  • When it is Cold and Dry, the Constructo recovers heat and moisture to optimize energy recovery, eliminates drafts, thereby reducing strain on humidifiers.
  • When it is Cold and Humid, the Constructo recovers heat and moisture to optimize energy recovery, eliminates drafts, thereby reducing strain on humidifiers.

The all-climate fresh air system:

  • Designed for new residential construction
  • Offers standard ventilation features to meet codes and standards at an affordable price
  • Equipped with an energy recovery core (ERV) for moisture control
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • State-of-the-art ventilation technology
  • Quiet system for homeowners
  • Ideal for homes that are dry in winter and/or air conditioned in summer


We Ship Venmar ONLY to the Contiguous United States. If you are located in Canada, call Venmar directly at 819-477-6226.

Shipping Policy - FREE Ground Shipping in Contiguous USA (excludes filters and all wall controls ordered after-the-fact). Express shipping orders for Venmar MUST be placed via phone toll free at 866-875-4386.

Venmar Return Policy - Once a Venmar unit has been installed, it CANNOT be returned. Our 30-Day money-back assurance ONLY APPLIES TO NEW UNINSTALLED UNITS.

How Venmar Home Ventilation Systems Work

Venmar Constructo 2.0 ES ERV Technical Specifications

  • CFM 80-183 cfm
  • Main Wall Control Deco-Touch, Lite-Touch, Constructo
  • Filter Washable foam
  • Warranty on parts 5 years
  • Warranty on core or thermal wheel 5 years
  • HVI certified Yes

Constructo 2.0 ES ERV Documentation

Main Wall Control Options

Venmar Deco-Touch Main Wall ControlVenmar Deco-Touch Main Wall Control

The Deco-Touch main wall control allows the user to choose either the manual modes or the automatic mode (dehumidistat). Operation Features include:

  • RECIRC MODE - In this mode, the air is recirculated inside the house at high speed.
  • 20 MIN/H MODE - The ventilation unit exchanges air intermittently on a one-hour cycle as follows: OFF for 40 min. (or recirculation on high speed for 40 min.) and then exchanges air during 20 min. on low speed. Repeats cycle after the 20 min. of air exchange.
  • MIN MODE - Air is exchanged with the outside on low speed.
  • MAX MODE - Air is exchanged with the outside on high speed.
  • HYGROMETER - In the operating modes listed above, select a dehumidistat override so that if the relative humidity (RH) in the house exceeds the RH setting previously stored, the ventilation unit will exchange in high speed until the target indoor RH setting is reached.

Constructo Wall Control imageConstructo Wall Control

The Constructo main wall control can only be used on Constructo models and adjusts the air supply speed using the sliding button:

  • OFF
  • MIN (low speed air exchange)
  • MAX (high speed air exchange).

Also, the maximum indoor humidity level for your house is selected by the knob.Constructo Light Touch Main Wall Control image

Constructo Light-Touch Wall Control

The Constructo Light-Touch main wall control can only be used on Constructo models. The light indicator color of this wall control shows clearly in which operating mode the unit is. This push-button control has three functions:

  • Intermittent (low speed air exchange during
  • 20 minutes, then stops during 40 minutes)
  • Min (low speed air exchange)
  • Max (high speed air exchange)

Optional Wall Controls

20-Minute Lighted Push-Button Wall Control
20-Minute Lighted Push-Button

This timer allows the unit to provide 20 minutes of high speed ventilation at the push of a button, to expel rapidly indoor stale air. Lighted when activated, up to five of them can be installed (e.g.: in bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, etc.)


Venmar Constructo White Remote Dehumidistat Wall Control imageWhite Remote Dehumidistat Wall Control (Constructo 1.5 and 2.0 Only)

The knob allows to adjust the maximum desired indoor humidity level during fall, winter and spring. This control is graduated in relative humidity percentage degrees. When a higher humidity level is detected, the unit turns on high speed until the situation is corrected.



Regular maintenance should be performed every 3 months. Annual maintenance should also take place every fall season. Remove filters.

  • Vacuum to remove most of the dust.
  • Wash with a mixture of warm water and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly. Shake filters to remove excess water and let dry. NOTE: Washing the filters in the top tray of the dishwasher is possible, but the aluminum frame might tarnish.
  • Replace the optional filters (electronic, pleated or charcoal) if applicable. Do not wash in water.
  • Check the exterior air intake hood. Make sure no leaves, twigs, ice or snow have been drawn into the vent. Clean if necessary.

Air Oasis HVAC Induct Air Purifier imageGet the Ultimate in Clean Air for Your Home

Combine an Air Oasis Induct Air Purifier with a Venmar Ventilation System (or any HVAC system) and get the ultimate in pure air in your home.

The Venmar Air Exchange System is fabulous for recovering heat or energy, providing fresh air, controlling humidity and removing particulate (dust, pollen, dander, etc.), but by adding the powerful broad-spectrum pollution purification abilities of an Air Oasis HVAC Induct Air Purifier, you get the ultimate in whole-house clean air. Air Oasis air purifiers destroy bacteria, viruses, pesticides, herbicides, mold spores, chemical fumes and gases, VOCs, odors and more from your ductwork and every room served by a vent.

The ONLY Induct Air Purifier with Rotational UV Shield Technology

Since UV lamps were first used in HVAC systems there has been one constant complaint from HVAC engineers and contractors. UV light can degrade many of the rubbers and plastics used within an HVAC system causing premature system failure. Air Oasis has created the perfect solution. With the development of their proprietary Rotational UV Shield you can control how little or how much UV light is emitted from the unit, while allowing for a constant stream of air to pass through the AHPCO Cell for treatment. The Rotational UV Shield can be rotated 360 degrees exposing more or less of the UVC lamp. (Click here to read why most induct UV lamps are not as effective as claimed).

The residential and business HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) induct models are designed for use with forced-air heating and central air conditioning systems (HVAC) to purify the air in all rooms served by ductwork in small to large single-family homes and office buildings. Turn your central heating and cooling system into an air-cleaning machine to significantly reduce pollutants and contaminants in your entire home or business. For more information, see the Air Oasis Air Purifiers.

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