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Venmar Duo Energy Recovery Ventilation SystemVenmar Ventilation Duo Energy Ventilators are the comfortable home solution for improved indoor air quality. Venmar ERV ventilation systems are a very popular choice and one of the best energy recovery air exchangers (ERV) of its category. Duo air exchangers deliver an exceptional level of indoor air quality and excess humidity control.

Diagram Fresh Air In Stale Air OutThe utimate solution for year-round energy efficiency, the highly reliable DUO air exchangers improve indoor air quality while providing year-round ventilation.The Duo 1.2 and 1.4 are ideal for mid-size homes and the Duo 1.9 for larger homes (refer to local building codes). Besides exchanging polluted indoor air for a continuous supply of fresh outdoor air, they are specifically designed to help retain heat in cold climates and reduce the load on cooling systems in warm climates. Optional filter upgrades and wall controlsare also available to customize the unit to suit the airexchange performance requirements of each user.

Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)

The Venmar Duo energy recovery ventilator (ERV) is the proper choice for warmer climates, where home cooling is essential. The Venmar Duo ERV keeps the home supplied with a steady flow of fresh outdoor air. As stale, cool air is expelled, the energy recovery core cools the incoming fresh, warmer air before it is distributed throughout the home. The result is a constant supply of fresh air, no unpleasant drafts and greater home comfort. In addition to energy recovery and improved air quality, the ERV provides necessary ventilation while controlling excess humidity.

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How Venmar Home Ventilation Systems Work

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