Abbey St. Clare Spot Remover Serum
& Poultice for Pimples & Blemishes

A Powerful Antibacterial and Anti-Inflammatory Non-Greasy Serum
That Works Quickly to Heal Blemishes and Acne, 
Plus Potent Clays for Deep Intense Spot Treatments

Abbey St. Clare Spot Remover Serum is an anti-inflammatory formula that targets blemishes. Of course, the best defense against breakouts is vigilance in cleaning your skin daily and eating healthy food. However blemishes happen, especially during certain time in the month or when weather changes. For those times, an extra dose of anti-inflammatory essential oils can help clean out the infected pore as needed.

Abbey St. Clare Spot Remover Serum usesAbbey St. Clare Spot Remover Serum & Poultice for Blemishes image a base of hazelnut oil, which is a non-greasy oil and one of the few that has astringent properties. Aloe vera has been added to the formula because research has shown that it increases the effectiveness of the oils. The serum also includes tea tree, lavender, manuka, helichrysum and German chamomile, which are powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory oils.

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How to Use Spot Remover Serum and Clay

Use Abbey St. Clare Spot Remover Serum on clean skin -- White Tea Gentle Cleansing Milk Cleanser is an excellent choice for problem skin. The serum may be applied with a Q-tip to specific spots. If your skin is not sensitive, the serum may be massaged into a larger area of inflammation. You can, also, mix the Spot Remover Serum and Rice & Olives Cleanser and Serum to make a treatment oil for massaging the face. See Six Step Home Facial.

You may use the serum as is by massaging into the areas of concern. It will absorb quickly. Use day or night.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This product contains an essential oil synergy and a small patch test should always be conducted before first using product to determine sensitivity. When using the poultice, first test a small area to determine sensitivity.

Using Clay Treatments on Blemishes and Acne Treatments

When clay is hydrated it expands, its porosity increases, and the greater surface area allows it to more readily absorb toxins into its surface. The clay has a negative polarity which attracts the positively charged free radicals, bacteria, inflammatory molecules, and impurities in the skin. It is the drawing properties of the clay that contribute to healing. Some of the reasons for the healing properties of clay are still somewhat of a mystery.

For deep intense spot treatments, Abbey St. Clare includes a potent mix of the most effective clays: Pascalite Calcium Bentonite clay, French Green clay and Charcoal clay in powder form to aid in healing. Pascalite clay unclogs pores and allows the gland to clear.

How to Make a Poultice

Add a small amount of clay to a glass or ceramic container. Add a small amount of Neroli/Orange Blossom hydrosol, Pomegranate hydrosol, Aniba Tonic, Vitamin C Tonic or purified water to make a paste. The more liquid you add the thinner the paste will be; find the consistency that works best for you. For larger areas of inflammation, add relatively more liquid to produce a fluid and apply as a thin film mask to affected area. Leave on ten minutes to overnight, depending on your skin sensitivity.

Apply the poultice to the treatment areas. Clay works best when wet, but when allowed to dry, the drawing and drying properties are increased in a small spot, such as a blemish. If a treatment oil has been added to the mixture, the clay usually will not dry, depending on the amount of oil added.

NOTE: While oils can be added to the clay -- Spot Remover Serum or Rice & Olives Cleanser and Serum is a potent addition -- the clay must be hydrated before adding any oils or serums. If you plan to leave the clay on for an overnight treatment, DO NOT ADD OIL because the poultice will be more likely to rub off during the night.

The clay poultice can be used on the face, neck, back, shoulders or chest. Apply to selected spots. Leave on fifteen minutes or overnight, depending on your skin sensitivity.

Spot Remover Serum Ingredients

Corylus avellana (Hazelnut), Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree) Essential Oil, Aloe vera extract, essential oil synergy includes Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium) Essential Oil, Leptospermum scoparium (Manuka) Essential Oil, Helichrysum italicum Essential Oil, Matricaria chamomilla CO2 (German Chamomile); Rosa canina (Rosehip Seed) Extract

Poultice Clay Ingredients

Pascalite Calcium Bentonite Clay, French Green Clay, Charcoal Clay

Size: 15 mL / 0.5 fl. oz. serum - 20g / 0.67 oz. clay

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