Abbey St. Clare Rosacea Treatment Products

Rosacea Bumps, Pimples, Redness and Inflammation

The reality is that there is no known cause of Rosacea and there is no known cure, but there is hope because the symptoms can be controlled. Rosacea is often called adult acne because of its symptoms: redness on the cheeks, nose, forehead or chin, bumps, pimples and small blood vessels visible on the face. Rosacea requires a synergy of anti-inflammatory essential oils that can be effective for many in clearing the redness that marks this delicate condition. Anti-inflammatory oils included in Aniba cleanser, toner, and serum are aimed at reducing the causes and symptoms. The following Abbey St. Clare products assist in the management of rosacea symptoms:


  • Aniba Cleanser - Non-drying formula dissolves dirt and makeup while it soothes irritated, sensitive and Rosacea skin, neutralizes inflammation and reduces redness. Excellent for blemished skin.
  • White Tea Gentle Cleansing Milk Cleanser and Eye Makeup Remover - Rejuvenates skin, prevents and repairs sun damage and promotes elasticity. Excellent for dry and sensitive skin. Calms rashes, irritations, Rosacea, redness, acne, eczema and psoriasis. Use morning and night.
  • Rice and Olive Cleanser and Facial Serum - Melts away heavy makeup without clogging pores, combats wrinkles, protects collagen and elastin, helps prevent freckles and age spots, reduces redness, heals tissue and diminishes scars. Great for eczema or psoriasis. Use once or twice daily. Can also be used as a treatment serum.


  • Aniba Tonic - Excellent for sensitive and irritated skin and blemished skin that is sensitive to more intense cleansers, including Rosacea. Neutralizes inflammation and reduces redness.
  • Ginseng Tonic - Stimulates collagen synthesis, rejuvenates skin, increases skin's elasticity, diminishes wrinkles, reduces appearance of large pores and brightens aging skin.
  • Vitamin C Tonic - Promotes cellular renewal, increases collagen production, repairs damaged skin, lightens dark spots, evens out hyper-pigmentation and produces firmer skin.

Treatment Serums

  • Aniba Serum - Quickly absorbing mixture for sensitive, inflamed and irritated skin, including Rosacea. Neutralizes inflammation, reduces redness, moisturizes and nourishes skin.
  • Rosehip Serum - Assists cell regeneration, stimulates collagen and elastin levels, diminishes age spots and under-eye discoloration, smoothes lip lines and soothes irritation. Rosehip Serum is a miracle worker to remove crusty patches.


  • The Blue Crme - Lightweight hydration that increases radiance, decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, relieves irritation and clears up inflammation of Rosacea and acne and brightens dull complexions.

Healing Water Mists

  • Yarrow Hydrosol - Mildly antiseptic and antibacterial to help acne, sunburn and skin infections, relieves itching and redness, styptic to decrease bleeding from razor cuts, halts the pain of cuts and burns, including cooking burns and sunburns. Relieves itch and pain of poison ivy and oak, sunburn, shingles and more. Combine with Cypress Oil for varicose veins. Great for animal hot spots or nervousness. Use anytime as needed.

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