Abbey St. Clare Discoloration and Aging Spot Treatment Products

Discoloration, Age Spots, Freckles, Uneven Skin and Hyperpigmentation

Melanin is the pigment produced by specific cells, and is triggered by tyrosinasean, an enzyme that creates the color of our skin, eyes and hair. Melanin, if abundant, provides some sun protection by absorbing the suns ultraviolet light. Darker skin colors, which tend to have abundant melanin, are less susceptible to sunburn and the overall effects of sun damage.

Sun spots are quite common in adults with a long history of unprotected sun exposure, especially those with lighter skin shades. Skin discolorations can also be caused by hormones, which are usually the result of pregnancy, birth control pills or estrogen replacement therapy.

Aside from sun exposure and hormones, too much melanin production and skin damage, such as remnants of blemishes, wounds or rashes, can cause hyperpigmentation. But by far, for all skin colors, the most typical cause of darkened areas of skin, brown spots or areas of discoloration is unprotected sun exposure.

Skin discolorations can manifest as blotchy, uneven patches of brown spots to gray discoloration or freckling on your face, neck, hands or other areas. All products that contain Vitamin C even out skin tone and lighten age spots and other areas of discoloration. The following Abbey St. Clare anti-aging skin care products diminish age spots, freckles, discolorations and uneven skin:


  • White Tea Gentle Cleansing Milk Cleanser and Eye Makeup Remover - Rejuvenates skin, prevents and repairs sun damage and promotes elasticity. Excellent for dry and sensitive skin. Calms rashes, irritations, Rosacea, redness, acne, eczema and psoriasis Use morning and night.
  • Rice and Olive Cleanser and Facial Serum - Melts away heavy makeup without clogging pores, combats wrinkles, protects collagen and elastin, helps prevent freckles and age spots, reduces redness, heals tissue and diminishes scars. Great for eczema or psoriasis. Use once or twice daily. Can also be used as a treatment serum.
  • Green Tea Scruffing Milk Cleanser - Polishes the skin surface, removes dulling surface cells, diminishes the appearance of acne scars and discoloration, improves skin texture, evens out skin tone and encourages cellular renewal for a youthful glow. Use once or twice a week.


  • Vitamin C Tonic - Promotes cellular renewal, increases collagen production, repairs damaged skin, lightens dark spots, evens out hyper-pigmentation and produces firmer skin.

Treatment Serums and Crmes

  • Essential Eye Crme- Firms and smoothes fine lines and crows feet, reduces puffiness, diminishes under-eye discoloration and lightens the eye area for a more youthful appearance.
  • Rosehip Serum- Assists cell regeneration, stimulates collagen and elastin levels, diminishes age spots and under-eye discoloration, smoothes lip lines and soothes irritation.
  • Wrinkle & Line Repair Serum - Creates a smoother, firmer, glowing complexion, reduces wrinkles around eyes, frown lines, lip pucker lines and neck crease and fades discoloration and age spots.
  • Vitamin C Complex Serum - Helps repair skin damaged by environmental stress, evens out skin tone, lightens and brightens blotchy skin, helps repair blemished skin, fades acne redness, improves skin texture and radiance and increases collagen formation for firm, youthful skin.
  • Emu Oil - Use anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial emu oil for acne, age spots, skin tags, burns, keloids, rashes, stretch marks, scars and wrinkles. Emu oil reduces pain and swelling and could slow aging and thinning of skin.


  • The Yellow Crme - Firms, lifts and smoothes face and neck areas, evens out skin tone, inhibits and reduces facial wrinkles and sagging, fights free-radical damage, clears pores and stimulates collagen and elastin, restores skin hydration and protects against moisture loss.

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