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Energy recovery ventilators (ERV) constantly supply fresh air to provide a healthy indoor environment by reducing odors and and indoor pollutants, such as radon, formaldehyde, tobacco smoke, nitrogen dioxides, carbon monoxide, and pesticides. Energy recovery units constantly bring fresh air into the home while exhausting like amounts of stale indoor air at the same time.

The recovery part of the ventilation means that the hot or cold energy in the air (depending on the season) is extracted from the indoor air before it is exhausted and transferred to the incoming air, so that there is little energy lost.


Heat recovery ventilators (HRV) will transfer temperature only from the high temperature air to the low temperature air. Energy recovery ventilators (ERV) transfer both temperature and moisture. Since transferring both temperature and moisture has benefits in both winter and summer, ERV's are a better choice in all but the most northern colder climates for providing year round fresh air to the home.

Energy recovery units can be installed in an existing home, as well as a new home, and are an integral part of the heating and air conditioning system. ERV systems can work with any forced air system equipped with a blower and duct system. It can also be used with non-forced air systems (floor heat coils, for instance) as an independent system.

To maximize the air quality, you can keep your home closed year-round and operate the ERV system constantly, efficiently producing a fresh and secure environment.

Energy recovery ventilators should be serviced about every six months. The simple procedures are fully described in the manual provided with each unit. These maintenance procedures can be completed by you or your contractor, if you desire.

How to Determine the Right Venmar Model

All Venmar models are rated by the Airflow rate. To calculate your airflow rate, count every room in your house, including bathrooms and service porches, and give each room 10 points, then add 10 points to the total. For instance, if you have 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a dining room, kitchen, living room, den and service porch, you have 10 rooms. That's 100 points. Add 10 extra to get 110. That means the upper CFM range must be at least 110. Looking at the HRV model options below, you choices would be a Constructo 1.5, Solo 1.5 or HE 1.3.

If you have high ceilings or larger than standard rooms, increase the CFM by 10 to 30 points, depending on how much more cubic air volume is in the house. (If you have an existing HVAC system, you can also find out its CFM rating and use that figure.)

Venmar Energy Recovery Ventilators

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Venmar HEPA 4100 ERV (upgrade for the 4000)

The healthy solution for optimal indoor air quality is a Venmar HEPA 4100 unit, the ultimate system for optimal Indoor Air Quality. In addition to providing excess humidity control and heat recovery functions, it can also help reduce symptoms of respiratory ailments and allergies, thanks to its remarkable HEPA filter with antimicrobian protech, which captures 99.97% of all dust and particles even those as small as 0.3 micron ( 1 human hair = 150 microns). more info

Constructo 1.0 ERV

The Constructo 1.0 ERV is ingenious air exchange solution thats as versatile as it is compact. Configured with factory built vertical or horizontal ports, the Constructo 1.0 can fit almost anywhere. Tucked in a bulkhead or closet, its the most versatile 100 CFM unit available on the market today. This compact, lightweight, and powerful unit is the ideal choice for small prefab and tract houses and other limited space applications. Whats more, it is the only air exchanger of its size that can be transformed from an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) to an Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV), simply by changing its core. The Constructo 1.0 ERV is available in horizontal or vertical ports. more info

Constructo Quattro ERV Series (1.5 and 2.0)

The Constructo Quattro series transfers energy and moisture from one airstream to another, which optimizes energy recovery and maintains proper humidity levels in all climates. Designed for mid-sized homes (1.5 cfm airflow range is 60 - 148 and 2.0 cfm airflow range is 80 - 183), the Quattro has the following features:

  • When it is Hot and Humid, the Quattro limits the amount of heat and moisture entering the home to optimize comfort, enhance energy efficiency and reduce strain on air conditioner.
  • When it is Hot and Dry, the Quattro recovers moisture to maintain proper humidity levels inside, keeps heat from entering the home and reduces strain on humidifiers.
  • When it is Cold and Dry, the Quattro recovers heat and moisture to optimize energy recovery, eliminates drafts, thereby reducing strain on humidifiers.
  • When it is Cold and Humid, the Quattro recovers heat and moisture to optimize energy recovery, eliminates drafts, thereby reducing strain on humidifiers.more info

Venmar Duo ERV Series (1.2, 1.4 and 1.9)

The DUO is the ultimate solution for year-round energy efficiency. Highly reliable DUO air exchangers improve indoor air quality while providing year-round ventilation.Ideal for mid-size homes (refer to local building codes), the Duo units, besides exchanging polluted indoor air for a continuous supply of fresh outdoor air, are specifically designed to help retain heat in cold climates and reduce the load on cooling systems in warm climates. Optional filter upgrades and wall controls are also available to customize the unit to suit the air exchange performance requirements of each user. more info

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